The Website dedicated to the XJC -
  Jaguar and Daimler XJ Coupes

The "Mildura Muster"

Has now been rescheduled to take place on the 16 - 19 April, 2021.

Full information HERE and please stay tuned for updates.

The time has come... after over 18 years to wind down this site

Following the sale of my XJC in September 2017 and a change of focus, I've decided to wind down xjc.com.au

This decision is tinged with some sadness and not too much regret I hope, at least not at this time. I've yet to make decision on what to do with the domain name, but will keep it and the site in a bared down form for a while until the emails stop arriving (especially the spam!)

The site was commenced in 2002 by Tony Williams in partnership with myself, and when he relocated overseas, I took sole control of it.

During the time of my ownership, we've made a lot of good friends, been to many events and places with our XJC and of course, have been able to see many lovely XJ Coupes! I still have Jaguars and hope to continue our Jaguar life for many years to come.

Thanks to all who have contacted and contributed in some way to my XJC experience and this site.

I'm still contactable: HERE

Cheers and best wishes, Phil.