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Brett Kenyon - My Coupe  - 1976 Jaguar 4.2C

My life with Jaguar began a relatively short time ago! Going through a mild mid life crisis I was desperate for a car that I would enjoy. I had always been a car buff, but career and family took priority and even though I had great cars for last twenty years none really enthused me. I always wanted a classic but did not know what I wanted. I nearly headed in the wrong direction looking at Mercedes coupes and convertibles.
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Back in 2003 I inspected a 380SLC Mercedes at a prestige and classic auction but the car was in poor condition and full of hidden rust. Looking around at other cars at the same auction I discovered a red XJC 4.2 in a dark corner at the back of the auction room in unrestored but sound condition. It was love at first sight and the rest is history. Only two cars sold under the hammer on the day, an immaculate 190SLC for over $100k and my XJC for $3k.

The XJC has been now fully restored and I now currently maintain 7 Jaguars one which I race at club level.

I really am not getting any better am I?

Brett Kenyon