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Thank you for stopping by the 'Coupes for Sale and Wanted' page. You can advertise your XJC for free until it's sold... or you decide to keep it! I'll put your advert on this page... all I ask is that you provide me with the VIN (chassis number) of your XJC
- you can provide details of your coupe by completing a registration form HERE.

Sorry, but we exclusively list XJCs for sale. If you wish you can make a contribution towards the cost of running this site. All contributions gratefully accepted, but if you are unable to contribute then that's fine, your ad will still be displayed for free.

All advertising content is provided by the owners - I have no interest in any sale, other than providing this page. All enquiries, and for full and further details should be directed to the seller in the first instance.

Please Note: In order to try and prevent spammers and scammers contacting me, PLEASE contact the seller of the coupe you may be interested in directly. Emails directed to this site asking about price, condition etc will most probably be ignored - unless you can convince me otherwise that you are a real person and have a genuine interest in a particular car - my apologies.

Contact details are HERE


Finally, please advise when your XJC is sold...


Sorry, no listings at present!