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Dave Bryan - 1975 XJ-C: 2J1059

Bringing back to life the ex Andrew Whyte (Jaguar Public Relations) XJC

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"My search for an XJ-C began like many I guess - by searching on the internet to see what was out there. I made inquiries on a couple of cars, either of which would have provided much pleasure, I'm sure. But when I saw the advertisement for the ex-Andrew Whyte XJ-C I knew it was the one I wanted.

I had read about this car and was aware of its significance so to cut a long story short, I bought it sight-unseen from New South Wales and had it brought west to Perth, WA.

I like fixing things. Not necessarily in a personal sense, hands on, as I'm not particularly handy, but by getting something and improving it, whether it be a house, a car or something else.

So this car suited me well. It was original, complete and most importantly, it still carried all of the unique modifications that the late Andrew Whyte had made to it when he was the head of the Public Relations Department at Jaguar in the seventies. Thankfully, it had been kept by its previous owners in its original condition and hadn't been modified since leaving Browns Lane. 

Photograph of the car from Andrew Whyte's book, "Jaguar XK - Forty Years On" in which the car is featured. This particular photograph was taken in Andrew's driveway at Ettington near Stratford-on-Avon in England.


2J1059 for sale in 1993 at Balmain Cars, Sydney - (waiting to be released to a new owner!)


2J1059 was sold to a new owner in October 1993 and it resided in the Wollongong area until early 2011, when Dave bought it. Photos below of when it was advertised for sale on this site...

Once the car arrived in WA. I needed to make some decisions as to how to proceed. I had initially envisaged perhaps making some cosmetic improvements to the car myself, but when I saw it, and after making further inquiries to verify its history, I decided that the best course of action was to place it in the hands of restoration experts.

With the assistance of Les Hughes, editor of Jaguar Magazine, who was a great help in tracking down this car's history, I managed to ascertain that it left the factory as RHD chassis number 2J1059, body number 1075, was built on February 3, 1975, despatched on June 5, 1975 as a press car, with registration number HHP 829N and that it subsequently had its designation changed from XJ6C to XJ 4.2C and was sent to "Marketing" in 1977.

Andrew Whyte used this XJ-C as his company car and famously modified it by removing its vinyl roof, removing the front bumper under-riders and fitting a Series 1 XJ6 lower air-intake grille, before presenting the car to Jaguar management with the suggestion that all production XJ-C's should be made that way.

Photos of the coupe taken at its new home in WA...

History tells us that Jaguar management did not agree and therefore, Andrew's car was the only XJ-C manufactured to leave the factory with those modifications, which are still in place today. When Andrew left the employ of Jaguar Cars to pursue his writing career, he bought the car and took it with him.

Following Andrew's untimely death, the car was subsequently sold and later privately imported into Australia (reportedly by a Qantas pilot), following which it had at least two other owners before I was fortunate enough to become its new custodian.

My intention is to save this important piece of Jaguar history by having the car faithfully and sympathetically restored to its original "Andrew Whyte" specifications.

I will provide updated photographs of the car as the restoration process progresses. In the meantime, I must say that I am extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity to not only become the owner of this fabulous car, but to return it to its former glory."

Dave Bryan - March 2011