Dave Maupin Coupe Story

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Dave Maupin - My Coupe - 1976 XJ5.3C - 2G1224BW - USA

Colour: Old English White
Interior: Russet Red
Wheels: Painted Kent Alloy
Roof: Black Vinyl

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This particular car was first registered in the U.K. on December 21, 1976.

Its owner was the Honorable H. V. Smith, Southern Manor, Bicester, Oxon.

Major R. B. French, Somerset, purchased the car in September of 1983. It was used by him until the Fall of 1987, when full restoration was begun. Restoration was completed by his son, Peter French, and the car was put on the road again in June of 1995.

The car was purchased by the current owner in July, 1998, and was shipped from Southampton, UK to the United States later that same month. 

Present Condition: The Coupe is a proven champion, carefully restored and maintained to the standard for that model.

Please view the pictures, which also contain photos of the awards this coupe had won over the years.

This beautiful example is now offered for sale. It should be continue to be shared with those who are appreciative of such a rare and beautiful Jaguar. Please refer to my Facebook page, “Dave Maupin’s Coupe”, or alternatively, contact XJC and your details will be passed onto Dave.