Dennis and Adam Stagoll Coupe Story

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Dennis and Adam Stagoll - Our Coupe  - 1976 Jaguar 5.3C

Colour: Red
Interior: Black Leather
Wheels: Chrome Pressed steel
Roof: Black Vinyl
Engine No: 7P28910 - Vin No: 2G1159BW

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Using the documents made available upon purchasing the Jaguar, I have been able to ascertain the following history:

First purchased from Brighton Motors in Melbourne, Victoria for delivery to Longford, Tasmania in 1976, and was driven by a local doctor until 1987. Sold to a Launceston businessman in 1987 who drove the vehicle until trading it on a new Jaguar back in Brighton in 1992.

The vehicle underwent a semi-restoration involving a thorough body clean and touchup and a service with nothing major required at this point, having travelled 110,000km around the Apple Isle. The vehicle changed hands once again to be driven on special occasions now around Melbourne, and unfortunately cost the new owner far more to keep on the road than was expected in the late ninety’s.

In 2000 the vehicle was parked under cover with a reasonable effective car cover and continued to be registered under the hope it would one day be returned to its former glory.

The beginning of that trip back commenced in June 2013 when my son Adam, and myself purchased the car and set about to deplete my wallet if its contents! We have been extremely fortunate in that the engine and transmission turned out to be very strong, albeit very thirsty!

The entire fuel system required replacing, including tanks, pumps, filters and injectors. The cooling system, including water pump, radiator core, pressure tank and the addition of extra filters and a Series lll filler system was replaced. Naturally, all fluids, motor, transmission and diff, and underneath also required everything that can be purchased for a Series ll Jaguar!

Minor bodywork only required, with virtually no rust. Both bumper bars have been stripped and rechromed and the interior received a new hood lining only, as the trim and carpets are original and without breaks or tears.

We intend keeping this Jaguar original, in Coventry style, but with some personal touches. It is not our intention to subject her to concours. We drive her daily and have added 2,000kms since November 2013.

Dennis and Adam.