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Dave Williams - My Coupe  - 1977 Jaguar 4.2C

COLOUR: Leyland "Devil Yellow".
INTERIOR TRIM: Black velour with grey fleck inserts.
ENGINE No: 8L53266L

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"It started out with just an engine rebuild and turned into the Full Monty"
Dave Williams, 2001.

How many times have we heard such a proclamation? What might start out as the reconditioning of some item on our Jaguars sometimes turns into a complete rebuild of the whole car. Dave's XJC started life in Victoria and has Australian compliance. It was despatched from the UK on the 26 August 1977 to Jaguar Australia.

As can be seen here, an engine rebuild turned Dave Williams XJC into a beautifully restored and personalised coupe, rebuilt from the ground up. The engine work was the catalyst for further repairs, and Dave had his mate Burnie Radburn, a panel beater take a look at some rust in the doors. The restoration then really got underway with a full bare metal respray of the car.



The engine was rebuilt from top to bottom. It was rebored with new pistons and crankshaft grind, the cylinder head received some additional work, and new head studs and oil pump were fitted. Dave modified the front timing cover by taking the lip off the cover all the way round so as to enable changing the seal from the outside when required. A set of 2" SU's carburettors supply the fuel and air to the motor.

A 5 speed Toyota Supra gearbox has been fitted, with all new bearings, and the overdrive gear ratio has been changed. In overdrive, the tacho now registers 1950 rpm at 100 kph, compared to 2100 rpm at that speed with a standard overdrive. Dave has fitted a one piece tailshaft to the car and had a new clutch pressure plate made with 2,500 lbs "clamp". He has fitted a vacuum booster (up under the right hand mudguard) to the clutch system, and the clutch pedal is now "light as a feather".



The floors also had quite a bit of rust due the the blocked air-conditioning drains leaking into the interior of the car - a typical Jaguar problem. The floors were repaired, and some other rust repairs and dents were repaired before the final paint was applied. It is painted Leyland "Devil Yellow" in acrylic. The engine and engine bay are painted the same colour as the body, and Dave and Burnie spent 40 hours on the two inner guards, welding seams and filling unwanted holes. The battery has been relocated to the boot and a box was fabricated in place of the battery to hold all the cars electrics. Wiring in the engine bay has been hidden in the mudguard channels.

During the restoration, the only item that was not removed from the car was the rear end, however, it received new disc rotors and handbrake pads. A set of heavy duty rear coils were made and fitted along with a set of Koni shock absorbers. The front end was removed, and fitted with new bushes, ball joints and rubbers, a much easier job when removed from the car. A heavy duty sway bay and adjustable Koni's were also fitted to the front.



The original black velour interior needed replacing, so the interior was reupholstered in black velour with grey fleck inserts. New carpets and hood linings were also fitted. A section of the channel under the left front seat was cut away to accommodate a CD six stacker. Custom made speaker pods were fitted to the front doors and sub-woofer boxes have been fitted under the parcel tray.

As can be seen in the pictures, the vinyl roof has been removed and the car is now fitted with Pepperpots. These wheels are non-genuine, and at 6" wide, are half an inch wider than the original. They are not as dished as the original, and Dave has had them machined smooth and polished.



Dave comments that there are lots of little things he's done to his coupe (that's probably an understatement), but the above is the main story of his restoration.  I'm sure that anyone who has fully restored a car will empathise with Dave's thoughts here. His XJC is a real credit to his skill and determination.

Many thanks go to Dave for sharing his restoration with us.

March 2008 Update...

Dave's coupe now has a Chevrolet V8, body kit and new wheels.
Please read on - new photos below also.

Dave writes... "I purchased a Series 1 with the 350 Chev already fitted. The series 1 was ideal with the same wheel base. The tail shaft went straight in. I had to swap the tanks on the radiator as mine was a 3 core and the mounts are slightly different between the Series 1 & 2.Then I picked up a Series 2 which had the body kit on it. I had to modify it to fit my car and fit the new exhaust system. 

The Chev motor and gearbox is over 100kg lighter than the six and with the lower suspension and 17 tyres the handling and performance is much better.



Parts List:

A pair of Recaro Bucket seats redone in leather with velour inserts.
Series 3 tail lights.
Full Body kit, rear spoiler, front and rear bumpers and side skirts & bonnet scoops.
Bonnet hold down clips.
17 Speedy mags with 225 / 45 tyres front & rear.
Lowered front and rear coil springs.
350 Chev engine and turbo 400 auto modified shifter and centre console.
Hand made extractors and full 2 system under the diff.

Thanks to Dave once again for sharing and updating his coupe with us - he does great work and the XJC is a true credit to him.