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Hans-Ernst Otto - My Coupe  - 1978 Jaguar 4.2C

Colour: White
Interior: Dark Blue Leather
Wheels: Pressed steel - painted
Roof: Black Vinyl

Hans-Ernst writes: A friend bought this coupe in 2005 from the original and first buyer (Mr. Mack in 1978) sold by Jaguar Germany (British Leyland) in Frankfurt, and started the restoration. 

He welded the whole body and repainted the car in 2008. In 2012 he talked about selling this car because he owned 2 coupes. One he bought in Switzerland and one he bought in Germany.

I bought the Coupe from Germany last year (2012) and finished the restoration - reworking the interior, including recoloring the leather, timing the engine, new brakes, new wheels, overhauling the carburetors and thousands other little things. Now it has the license plates with the status of historical car. (German law and governments rules). 

The body is welded and restored, and repainted. All work was done by professionals. The brakes and all liquids are new. The leather is repainted and the interior is nearly looking like it was the first day. A radio system from Blaupunkt from 1978 is in the car. Everything is like it has to be when leaving the factory in 1977.

His coupe is also pictured with his very nice Daimler Double-Six Series lll. Both are beautiful cars.

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