Ian McKinney - My Coupe Story

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Ian McKinney - Australia

Brief History

We imported this beautiful example from New Zealand in 2008.

In 1978 it was shown as a new car in the Auckland Motor Show by Coutts Cars Ltd Auckland, fitted with the optional Kent wheel rims and Lucas fog lights.. 

It is believed to be the last new XJC sold in July 1979, which could make it the last one sold below the equator. 

During its first 10 years, it had 5 owners and travelled 107,702Kms until the previous owner purchased it in 1988 in New Zealand.

We acquired and imported the Daimler XJC in 2008. The dash has new veneer, the hood lining is new, LED lights have been installed in the number plate light, also interior, and dash board, a big improvement. You can actually read the gauges at night.

We have entered three Jaguar National Rallies and were awarded Silver in d’états, Hobart 2009, Gold at Gold Coast 2010, and Silver Melbourne 2014. 

This car also won its class in the National Rally regularity events in Baskerville Raceway in Hobart, also the same event class at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne.

“Just a great car to drive”