Wandy & Geoff - Our Coupe Story

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Wandy & Geoff - Australia

Colour: Signal Red
Interior: Black Leather
Wheels: Painted pressed steel
Roof: Black Vinyl

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A Brief History

Purchased ex Bryson car 03/12/76 by T Benson of Rosetta, Hobart. Mark Tuckett bought the car some small time before joining the Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania in October 1984. 

It was then showing 55,000kms. I fell heavily in love with it the first day I saw it. Mark owned it until his death in November 2014. It was then showing 65,000kms! 

My husband Geoff Leake, a Jaguar mechanic and restorer forever, was asked by Mark's partner Wayne to get the car going because it hadn't run for some months, and prepare it for sale. We got an independent valuation on the car for him. As we were packing up to leave, with the V12 running sweet as a nut, Wayne offered me the car at the lowest valuation. 

He told me not long before Mark died he had expressed a hope that I would buy it as I had always loved it. As we are downsizing & have recently sold 2 Jaguars & have a 3rd on the market, it hadn't seriously crossed my mind. I am but a weak woman and succumbed. 

The car is in excellent original condition. Having been kept in a dark garage all the years Mark had it nothing is cracked or faded. I have had the inevitably sagging head lining replaced.