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John Elwood - My Coupe  - 1976 Jaguar XJ12C

John bought his XJC around April 2002 - it was for sale at a used car lot that specialised in late model BMWs and Mercedes. The dealer occasionally has something interesting, and John noticed this car under a foot of snow. "I went back the next day, had him shovel it off, and there it was... a coupe! What a shock, I had never seen one. I bought it two days later to replace an XJ-S that I had wrecked a year earlier but still pined for. It has proven to be a great replacement for that XJ-S."
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These pictures were taken a few weeks after John bought the coupe.
The background is old mill buildings in Harrisville, NH.



Photo 1: Tragedy!!! The nightmare every V12 owner fears. John's small engine fire occurred not long after buying the coupe. Fortunately, a hardware store was nearby where a fire extinguisher was handy. It was a small fire, and didn't even singe the paint.

Photo 2: Oh well... at least this is a sight we don't see too often and everything worked out fine for John. It could have been much worse !

Photo 3: To celebrate, John took the repaired XJC on a 2000 mile trip through Maine, NH, Vermont and Western Massachusetts - as the car was off the road all summer (2002). Everything was replaced and the car now runs fantastic.

Photo 4: A great photo of John's XJC.... Taken at a boat ramp, Belfast, Maine. We wish him continued happy motoring.