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Jack Kissel - My Coupe  - 1976 Jaguar XJ12C

Jaguar enthusiast and especially an XJC lover, Jack Kissel hails from Pennsylvania and owns this very nice, personalised XJ12C. Jack has recently sold another lovely XJ12C in Fern Grey and uses an XJ6C as his daily driver. He recently posted pictures of his XJC on the jag-lovers site and has provided details of his coupe for this page. Jack bought his XJ12C in 1990 after it was re-possessed by a bank - the owner was a drug dealer who was spending time in jail !! It was mostly assembled with most of the trim pieces in the trunk and rear seat area.
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Photo 1: The paint (originally black) was rough as well as the floors. It was my wife's work car for a couple of years. In 1991, Jack had it painted a Ford electric current red and recovered the front seats. This car also had inner and outer rockers, floors, wheel arches and headliner replaced.

Photo 2: Beautiful interior with Momo steering wheel and Vanden Plas centre console cover.

Photo 3: The car is basically stock appearing except for the missing center vane in the grille. It has 16" Dayton wire wheels with 225-60-16" tires. The front is lowered with Series l springs.

Photo 4: Later model XJ8 emblems and Series l wings at the trunk lock.



Photo 5: It took Jack about 1 month to get the V12 running and when it ran, it ran great. That is, until it blew a head gasket! After being advised against even trying to remove the head, he decided to lump it with a 400ci Chevrolet and transmission out of a 1976 Chevrolet Caprice.

Photo 6: Jack owned this beautiful Fern Grey V12 XJC until recently... he's sold it to a cousin, so he knows where it is if he wants it back !

Photo 7: The Fern Grey XJC with Jack's MK ll