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Jan Willem Ypma - The Netherlands - 1975 Jaguar 5.3C

Colour: Dark Blue
Interior: Biscuit Leather
Wheels: Chrome Pressed steel
Roof: Black Vinyl
Vin: 2G50269BW

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This 1975 is mine since 2005 and used only when the sun is shining. A lot has been done, new tanks, cylinder-heads, rear axle, brakes, radiator, new paint, partly new wiring, partly new chrome, interior parts, etc etc. In short; All that could make the car better is done and will be done if needed.

The result is a trouble free Jaguar of 40 years old, that is enjoyed very, very much. The original odometer now reads 126,000 km and I only do 1,600 km a year...

Only 1873 of this model were build and if I'm correct, just over a thousand in left hand drive. Chances are maybe 500 are still road worthy.

This means a Jaguar XJC with 12 cylinder engine is far more exclusive then any E-type. In Holland they are very rare, I seldom meet with another one. 

Best regards,

Jan Willem Ypma
The Netherlands.