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Date: 12th to 20th April 2018

Location: 'Vines to the Sea' - Barossa and Victor Harbor SA

Event: The 49th Jaguar National Rally 2018

See link to photos below...

Each year, one of the Jaguar Clubs in Australia hosts and organises the Jaguar National Rally. The 2018 event was hosted by the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia.

Participants come from all over Australia for this event, which involves social activities, sporting events and a general display of Jaguars. No concour was held this year.

Tanunda in the Barossa Valley experienced some very welcome rain for the first three days of the rally, and despite a wet and cold Sunday display day, many Jaguar and Daimlers and their owners braved the elements to put on a great display. It was great to see such a turnout on the day.

There were XJ Coupes from South Australia and Victoria, but sadly, none from any other state. Next year in Wodonga perhaps!

Please take a look at the pictures (thanks to Wayne Woonton for his pics also!) - I hope you enjoy them.

Phil Evans
Sydney, Australia

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