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Steve Averill - My Coupe  - 1976 Jaguar 4.2C

Colour: Greensand.
Interior Trim: Cinnamon.
Chassis No: UG2J52513BW - Left Hand Drive
Date built: 8 April 1976
Date despatched: 12 May 1976
Selling Dealer: Bartle McKee, Grant's Pass, Oregon, USA.

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Current Owners: Steve and Nancy Averill with Erin, Abbey, and Aurora assisting, currently residing in Everett, Washington State, USA. Trophies won by this XJC:

1999 JCNA Class C11 North American Champion.
2000 JCNA Class C11 North American Champion.
2000 JCNA Fred Horner Sportsmanship Award Qualifying Car - (given for best overall JCNA concours, rally, slalom performance).

"Felix" is a Greensand XJ6C owned by Steve and Nancy Averill. The car was purchased by Steve in 1985 from its second owner in California. The car is largely original, including paint, vinyl top, leather, untouched engine, and most other components. It was returned by the Averills to the Pacific Northwest region of the US and has been there since.

The pictures below provide an indication of the magnificent condition of this coupe.



Over the years, Steve can recall many memorable experiences with the XJ6C. Two stand out recently. In 1999, the car's first season on show, he recounts, "Nancy and I were privileged to meet the XJ6C's original owner at the Portland show for the first time. The meeting was entirely by accident, but proved to be a happy reunion for all. My wife was sitting beside the car when a lady looked hard at the car, walked around it several times, and exclaimed 'that's my car!' After a shocked initial reaction, my wife discovered that the lady was the original owner and still recognized the car after not having seen it for about 17 years. We discovered answers to many previous mysteries about the car. We also gave the lady back a hair beret we'd discovered inside the air extractor vent only the day before."

This XJC is not merely a concours winner... it can hold its own on the slalom course also!!



"The second memorable experience began in 2000 as we neared Vancouver BC (Canada) for the local club's show. Our distributor exploded. After a tow to the hotel, it began to rain as we surveyed the damage in the dark. Within an hour, the local Jaguar club support network sprang into action in a search for a replacement. Including our competition, too many helped to list, but a distributor was located on Saturday morning."


This XJC has done
it all -  from tow
trucks to slaloms...

to the rigours of
 concours judging...


Meanwhile, my girls did all the car preparation as I attempted to obtain the part - JCNA rules require cars be driven onto the field for judging and time was working against us. Hope revived when a saint arrived with the part after a 40-mile drive. I quickly installed it, mislocating the pinch bolt in my haste. The car fired up and we chugged down the block and onto the field as the sun broke through the clouds. After that, everything was a blur. It was a great example of Jaguar enthusiasts helping another in trouble and turned a disaster into a great weekend."


Twins... Steve & Nancy's XJ6C
with a V12 coupe owned
by Greg Meboe.


Next year, the car will go into semi-retirement, as the show circuit is becoming less important than preserving the car's originality. Steve will, however, make an exception if the previous Class Champion, from Los Angeles, makes the drive north to the Western States 2002 Regional Meet, along with an up-and-coming XJ6C from Steve's own club. THAT will be worth the 900 mile drive - the immediate past, defending, and likely future North American Champion cars on the same, neutral field and judged by the same judging team.

The car has been great. What more can be said?