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Steve McIlhenny - My Coupe  - 1975 Jaguar XJ12C

In 1982 Steve McIlhenny joined Motorcars Ltd, today he is the General Manager. Now when you are the General Manager of a prestige auto parts supplier, you need to drive an exceptional vehicle. That's why Steve's choice was the Jaguar XJ12C...
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If you are ever in
Houston, drop in
and see us, and
of course my XJ12C

You won't find
this engine in a
standard XJ12C

Lifted out of a late
model XJS a V12
HE engine that
really does motor

The wood door fillets
were taken out of
a series III
and re-veneered.


The clock has been
replaced with a trip computer, and the
whole console changed
to a series III style
and wood grain added

The Series III grill
goes well with the
Cherry Black paint

The spoiler package
was a former product from DMJ in Austin

18 inch XJR alloy
wheels and low
profile tyres

That V12 badge may
be wrong, but have
to say this is a great
looking rear end!

"Don't dream it...
drive it."

Steve McIlhenny
Houston, Texas USA.