Thomas X. Lackmann - My Coupe Story

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Thomas X. Lackmann - Germany - 1977 Jaguar XJ5.3C

Colour: Dark Blue
Interior: Black Leather
Wheels: Chrome Pressed steel
Roof: Black Vinyl
Vin: 2G51207BW

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From the many (German) invoices (dating from back to 1984) that I did not view in detail, I assume that a lot of repairs were done including painting.

The gearbox was replaced as there were some problems with it. I am investigating whether the engine has been replaced at some time also.

In 1995 there seemed to be a big restoration or at least a very big maintenance.

In 2014 there was some body work done, and also this year, major work was done on the electrics.

After this I drove it daily for two months. It started without any problems even with nearly zero degrees weather or after many days of rain (it was always parked outside).

Recently there was a problem with the starter, that was said to be repaired but it occurred again once.

Although I have a 2+ certificate, I would rate it 2-3.

It has a vintage car registration.

Name: Thomas X. Lackmann